Legal Aid Society

Keep New Yorkers in Their Homes

All New Yorkers deserve a safe and stable place to call home. That is why the Legal Aid Society is calling for “Good Cause” eviction legislation and a Housing Access Voucher program. New Yorkers already on the verge of homelessness face worsening hardships as pandemic-era protections have been lifted. Albany must take action to provide long-term solutions to the State’s housing crisis.

“Good Cause” Eviction Protections

The “Good Cause” eviction bill would require landlords to demonstrate a good reason for evicting tenants in market-rate housing. The proposed law would also protect tenants from exorbitant rent hikes and allow individuals to advocate for repairs without the fear of retaliation. The bill is also fair to landlords, allowing eviction in situations where the tenant has not paid rent, is causing a nuisance, or in the instance where a landlord wants to take over the unit as their own place of residence.

Housing Access Voucher Program

The proposed Housing Access Voucher program would create a state-level initiative similar to the federal Section 8 law, providing a rental subsidy for low-income New Yorkers. Half of the program’s funds would go to families struggling to pay rent, allowing them to stay in their current homes. The other half of the money would go to homeless New Yorkers, providing a path to permanent housing.

Keep Families in Their Homes

Tell your state legislator to pass these two critical pieces of legislation.

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