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Current Press Releases and Statements:


06/01/23 LAS Statement on NYC DOC Abruptly Ending Public Notifications of Deaths in Custody


05/31/23 LAS Lauds Passage of Bill Eliminating the Notary Requirement in Civil Court
05/31/23 LAS Statement on Reports, Court Conference on Nunez Monitor’s Alarming Special Report
05/30/23 LAS Release Letter in Opposition to City’s Attempt to Eviscerate Right to Shelter Protections
05/26/23 LAS Statement on the Latest Special Report from the Monitor in Nunez v. City of New York
05/24/23 LAS Lauds NYC Council for Passing Needed Legislation to Reform and Expand CityFHEPS
05/23/23 LAS Statement on the City’s Application Regarding Critical Right to Shelter Protections
05/22/23 LAS Releases Letter on NYPD Commissioner Sewell’s Misrepresentations
05/18/23 Latest Report on NYC Rents Underscores Need for Albany to Enact “Good Cause” Legislation
05/17/23 NYC’s Public Defenders, Parental Defense Providers Call for Increased Funding
05/16/23 LAS Statement on Mayor’s Proposal to Slash Critical Jail Services for Incarcerated New Yorkers
05/16/23 LAS Statement on Mayor Adams Extending Executive Order 402 
05/15/23 LAS Statement on the Tragic Death of Jordan Neely
05/15/23 LAS Celebrates 46th Annual Servant of Justice Awards
05/15/23 LAS Lauds SI Grand Jury for Declining to Indict 14-Year-Old Client in Case of Self-Defense
05/12/23 Public Defenders Condemn Mayor Calling for More Criminalization of New Yorkers in Need
05/10/23 LAS Condemn Mayor Over Order Which Suspends Protections of Right to Shelter Laws
05/08/23 Legal Providers Echo Call for Additional Funding for Right to Counsel Program
05/08/23 LAS Statement on City Sheltering Families with Children at Former Police Academy Building
05/05/23 LAS Statement on Mayor Adams’ New Program to Provide Shelter for Asylum Seekers
05/05/23 NYC Public Defenders Joint Statement on Investigation of Wrongly Recorded Calls in NYC Jails
05/03/23 New York City Public Defenders Joint Statement on New York’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget
05/03/23 LAS Condemns Hochul, Legislature for Failing to Include Housing Measures in Budget
05/02/23 LAS Condemns Rent Guidelines Board’s Preliminary Vote to Increase Rents
05/02/23 Four Borough Presidents Urge Adams Administration to Fully Fund Right to Counsel 
05/01/23 LAS Secure Settlement Requiring NYS to Provide Expanded Dental Coverage
05/01/23 LAS Calls for Rent Freeze to Protect Low-Income Tenants


04/27/23 LAS Statement on NYC District Attorneys’ Position on Discovery Reform Budget Negotiations
04/27/23 Advisory: Hundreds of Workers to Rally for May Day in Washington Sq Park
04/27/23 Public Defenders Urge Lawmakers to Reject Proposals to Overturn Discovery Reform Law
04/25/23 LAS Files Court Papers on Lack of Progress in Nunez Rikers Island Reforms
04/25/23 Advocates Rally in Support of Critical Legislation to Serve Young New Yorkers
04/25/23 In Response to NYC’s Dire Affordability Crisis, LAS Demands Passage of “Good Cause,” HAVP
04/24/23 Defenders Laud NYC Council’s Progressive Caucus for Opposing Rollbacks to Discovery
04/24/23 Advisory: Advocates Rally in Support of Critical Legislation to Serve Young New Yorkers
04/21/23 LAS Statement on Governor Pushing Rollbacks to Discovery and Speedy Trial Statutes
04/20/23 Queens Family of Eight Faces No Cause Eviction from Their Home of Over Nine Years
04/19/23 LAS Celebrates Judge Rowan D. Wilson, First Black Chief Judge of NY’s Highest Court
04/19/23 Joint Statement Applauding Progressive Caucus’ Call for $351M for ‘Right to Counsel’
04/18/23 LAS Statement on the NYPD Inspector General’s Audit of the NYPD’s Gang Database
04/17/23 Single Mother Faces No Cause Eviction from Brooklyn Home of Nearly 15 Years
04/17/23 LAS Calls on Legislators to Hold the Line Against Proposed Rollbacks to Bail, Discovery
04/13/23 LAS Statement on the Rent Guidelines Board’s 2023 Income and Affordability Study
04/13/23 Latest Report on Rising NYC Rents Underscores Need for “Good Cause” Legislation
04/12/23 NYC Right to Counsel Providers Echo NYC Council’s Request for $50 Million in Funding
04/12/23 LAS Urges Legislators to Resist Last-Minute Proposal to Overturn Discovery Reform
04/11/23 LAS Statement on Mayor, NYPD Deploying New Dystopian Surveillance Technologies
04/10/23 LAS Defeats City’s Motion to Dismiss in Litigation on NYPD Appearance Tickets
04/10/23 Lack of Funding Continues to Jeopardize Right to Counsel
04/05/23 LAS Files Suit Against City for Illegally Terminating Low-Income New Yorkers’ Rental Vouchers
04/03/23 LAS Urges Legislature to Continue to Reject Governor’s Proposed Rollbacks to Bail Reform


03/31/23 LAS Urges Lawmakers to Reject Governor’s Proposed Rollbacks to Successful Bail Reform
03/30/23 LAS Statement on NYC Rent Guidelines Board’s 2023 Income and Expense Study
03/30/23 LAS Releases Video Showcasing Importance of “Good Cause” Eviction Legislation
03/29/23 LAS, NYS Senator Jabari Brisport Launch Know Your Rights Workshops for NYCHA Residents
03/28/23 Defenders, Advocates Demand Answers on Warehouse Fire that Destroyed Evidence
03/28/23 Over 100 Law Professors Reject Governor’s Proposed Changes to Bail Reform
03/27/23 Formerly Homeless Family of 10 Facing No Cause Eviction from Bronx Home
03/27/23 LAS Statement in Response to Siena College Poll on Bail Reform
03/27/23 Organizations Providing Attorneys for Children in Family Court Demand Increased Funding
03/24/23 LAS Defeats the City’s Attempt to Moot Lawsuit Challenging DNA Collection and Storage
03/23/23 In Response to Data on Increased Eviction Filings, LAS Calls to Enact “Good Cause” Legislation
03/23/23 LAS Secures Ruling Overturning Murder Conviction of Michael Robinson
03/20/23 Public Defenders and Civil Legal Services Providers Call for Increased Funding
03/17/23 LAS Applauds Modification of Discriminatory Bar Admission Question, Calls For Further Reform
03/17/23 Advisory: Public Defenders, Civil Providers Hold Press Conference to Demand Fair Funding
03/16/23 City Data: NYPD Commissioner Sewell Flouted CCRB Discipline Recommendations 
03/15/23 Attorneys for Children Providers Call on Governor, NYS Legislature for Increased Funding
03/15/23 LAS Attorneys Publish Article Calling for a Reduction in Family Separations
03/14/23 NYC Defenders Joint Statement on Senate, Assembly One-House Budget Proposals
03/14/23 LAS Statement on Statewide Housing Policy Proposals in One-House Budget Bills
03/13/23 LAS Client Faces Eviction from Brooklyn Home of 15 Years, Despite Being a Model Tenant
03/09/23 In Response to Rising Rents, LAS Calls on Albany to Enact “Good Cause” Legislation
03/08/23 Joint Statement on Speaker Adams’ Remarks on Funding Public Defender, Civil Legal Services
03/01/23 LAS Brings Additional Legal Action to Stop Illegal Apartment Conversions

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